The problem OUD Token Solves: Use case

There’s no denying that the world is approaching a point of no return when it comes to the environment. The threat of global warming and climate change is imminent, which is why it’s time to take action. Investors and big corporations have to join hands to make the world better, we have to maintain a balance between the social, financial, and environmental sectors.

What is OUD Token?

The solution to climate change, OUD token is set to provide the foundation to assist in building a decentralized economy on the blockchain while protecting the environment. To ensure our token is doing what it’s meant for, OUD will integrate a robust blockchain infrastructure to provide unique identities to each tree, making identification easier. It will also use RFID technology to track each tree and use smart contracts to connect to the blockchain, to ensure maximum security, traceability, and transparency.

Unlike many ecological projects that work based on donation, OUD is one of the world largest carbon asset cryptocurrency that provide a balance between financial and environmental protection, this balance will enable the project to be sustainable with consistent growth.

What is the Aquilaria tree Ecosystem?

Aquilaria is a highly endangered species of trees, marked in the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The team behind the OUD token aims to make efforts to preserve the species with help from the larger community. Their main focus is the expansion of this industry into the South East Asian Market.

There is a lack of balance in the modern world between conserving and cultivating the trees and supporting local communities whose livelihoods depend on them. To be able to achieve a healthy ecosystem productivity rate, the demand for trees has to be balanced against biodiversity loss.

What Benefits can Aquilaria provide?

There are three main areas where Aquilaria trees play a major role: Economic Development, CO2 Absorption, and environmental protection.

Aquilaria tree is a superior carbon offset provider compare to many other trees while consuming less water.

There is high demand for the tree because of its leaves, wood chips, highly prized resin, and fruition.

Products such as the trees’ resin are valuable commodities in the local and international markets.

Planting Aquilaria trees will reduce the environmental damage of any region by many folds.

OUD Token ICO Launch

The token is priced at $0.06 during its Pre-ICO. Investors will have to make a minimum purchase of $500.

Pre-ICO date : Star 29 of July 2021 (07:00 am GMT +8) – end 4 of August 2021 (07:00 am GMT +8 end)

The token is priced at $0.07 during its ICO. Investors will have to make a minimum purchase of $100.

ICO Date: Start 6 of August 2021 (09:00 am GMT +8) – End 8 of August 2021 (09:00 am GMT +8)


Saving the planet is not a rich man’s game, with OUD token, saving the planet makes you one. If Green projects is the future, green token is the front runners of the future, with the process of Identifying trees and tracking them for future environmental sustainability and credibility, OUD token has definite potential to become one of the shooting star in the crypto world.

Be part of the OUD token save the planet initiative, for more information kindly visit OUD Token website.