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Asked Questions


What is OUD Token?
OUD Token is an ecological token at the same time that aims to bring more green life to the world. A living token that is on a mission to make this world a greener environment and preserve our precious wild forest

We want to create a balance between the social, environmental and financial sector. The world is getting to a point of no return, however, it is still not too late to take action. By joining forces, together we can make a big impact.
How do I benefit from the OUD Token?
The OUD Token project was conceived with 2 objectives in mind.

- To contribute to environmental protection via planting and conservation of an extremely scarce and valuable natural resources; the Agarwood tree.

- Liquidity.


What is the OUD Pre-ICO Sale?
The OUD Pre-ICO Sale is a private sale before our main ICO launch.

Funds obtained from the pre-ICO Sale allows us to expand our development and marketing budget before we launch the main ICO offering.
When can I buy the Pre-ICO Sales?
You will need to get whitelisted within 1st Jul 2021 until 27th Jul 2021 to be entitle for Pre-ICO.

Pre-ICO is only available from 29th Jul 2021 – 4th Aug 2021.
Can I sell my OUD tokens from the Pre-ICO?
Pre-ICO tokens are not for resale through public exchanges before the main official launch.

Upon launching you will be able to liquidate 25% of your OUD Token, after 2 months from launching you will be able to liquidate 25% of your total OUD Token from Pre-ICO or ICO each month.
Is there a minimum purchase amount for the Pre-ICO?
The OUD token is currently priced at USD 0.06 during Pre-ICO stage with a minimum purchase of USD 500.00.

OUD token price will be at USD 0.07 during ICO stage, with a minimum of USD 100.00.


Can I exchange my token into other Cryptocurrencies?
You will be able to exchange OUD token into other cryptocurrency after the official launch on an exchange.

Stay tune to our social media or website on updates of which exchange OUD token will be on.
What framework is OUD based on?
The OUD token will be deployed on the BEP-20 & ERC-20 network.


Can anyone buy the OUD Pre-ICO Tokens?
The OUD token is available for accredited investors and qualified individuals.

Contact us if you have any questions.
What is KYC?
KYC is a verification process in compliance with international legal standards.

KYC ("Know Your Customer") and AML ("Anti-Money Laundering") are two key elements of modern legal compliance processes which are necessary for us to comply with current ICO regulation and regulation of operations with cryptocurrencies.
Can I purchase OUD tokens before KYC verification?
Due to legal compliance, we are unable to allow purchasing of OUD tokens before we complete your KYC process.
How long does the KYC process take?
The KYC verification process can take as fast as a few hours to weeks.

In order to perform a verification check, we need official supporting documentation from you. How long it takes for us to process your KYC verification is directly tied to whether you have supplied us with all the required documentation.