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Invest in your planet Green Cyptocurrency

Build a sustainable future

while building your capital with OUDTOKEN

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Green Cryptocurrency OUD Token

Building a Sustainable Future

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A Game - Changer within the Eco-Environment

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Green Cryptocurrency

Welcome to OUD Token

OUD Token is designed to be the world's first green cryptocurrency, with the goal of bringing more green life to the world. A living emblem dedicated to making the world a greener place and maintaining the beauty of our natural forest. We're trying to create a balance between social, environmental, and economic issues. The world is on the verge of irreversible change, but it is not yet too late to take action.

A game changer in the green cryptocurrency environment. We are an ecological company at core, combining blockchain technology with a multibillion dollar aquilaria industry, to join the save the earth initiatives. Bringing more informed decision-making and even decentralized decision-making about the management of the bio-assets or the broader system. Driving a widespread behavior change and help to realise a truly circular economy, by incentivizing individuals and organizations to realise financial value from things that are currently wasted, discarded or treated as economically invaluable.

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We are proud to introduce the world’s premier Crypto Token that is climate positive while being sustainable with the high value of agarwood trees.

A project by the people; for the people.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Integrates blockchain technology to provide unique identities for each tree.

RFID Integration

Every tree is tracked via RFID and connects to the blockchain via the smart contract.

Compatible and Secure

Built on the BEP20 and ERC20 standard providing the best data security and token implementation.


Learning Curve

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Step By Step.
Instructions Video
Creating Account
MetaMask Step By Step
Opening Accounts
Step 1 : Installing and setting up Metamask
Step 2 : Configurate the wallet for Binance Smart Chain Wallet
Step 3 : get started and create a wallet
Step 4 : Create your password and security phrase
MetaMask Creating Account
Step By Step Video
MetaMask Step By Step
Opening Accounts
MetaMask Creating Account
Step By Step Video
Bitmart Step By Step
Opening Accounts
BitMart Creating Account
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The OUD Token Green Crypto Team combines a passion for environmental protection and finance. We are proud to say we have assembled a one-of-a-kind all-star team of industry executives in the fields of finance, IT development, earth sciences, marketing & plantation management.
Shane Chang
Trina Tan
Deputy Chairman
Teh Huang Wei
Founder & CEO
Kenny Gan
Founder & COO
Dr. Chaves Jenn
CTO - Engineer
Priscilla Garcia
Emma Smith
Public Relations


Colonel Nik Zainin
Plantation Estate Advisor
Dato Sri Matthew Yeoh
Legal Advisor
Celine Khor
Legal Advisor
Dr. David Elli
Bioscience Advisor
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